From the moment of its creation, MSE has founded and is supporting an informational bulletin named "Moldovan Stock Exchange". This periodical is issued monthly, is unique and:

  1. Is printed in two languages (State Romanian and Russian)
  2. Contains following information:

a)      About the prices of all issuer's securities in Moldova, Republic of.

b)      about MSE and National Depository activities.

c)      About the professional participants of the securities market (brokerage houses, commercial banks)

d)      About issuers, whose securities are being quoted at the Stock Exchange.

e)      About results of trading sessions and its analysis, for different periods of time at Stock Exchange and over-the-counter markets. 

f)        About the events which took place at national and world stock markets.


Many periodical press editions publish incomplete data about stock market activity. Taking this into account we are sure that all gathered Stock Market information in one bulletin “Moldovan Stock Exchange” will be a good help in a work of  any analyst, journalist, economist, because it contains all  the necessary  statistical data.


You can take out a subscription to informational bulletin “Moldovan Stock Exchange” in the following ways:


-     Subscribe to it at the any post-office of Moldova. Our subscribe index is – 31882

-         You can appeal directly to Marketing, Listing and Quotes Department of the Moldovan Stock Exchange to the following address:  Moldova, Republic Of,  Chisinau, Stefan Cel Mare si Sfint str., 73, 3-rd floor. Contact phones: (+373 22) 27 76 36; E-mail: